Webinar | 05th June’ 2024

Webinar Series: 8 – Investement in Egypt

Join Us for a Comprehensive round table discussion on the Egyptian Investment Law in the Time of change.
Join us for a pivotal webinar on 5th June 2024, as Sadany and Khalifa Law Firm in collaboration with AECCI, delve into the transformative Egyptian Investment Law amidst current economic shifts. This event offers a unique opportunity for businesses to gain critical insights into legislative changes, strategic investment incentives, and the evolving economic landscape of Egypt. Learn from experts about new policies, foreign investment opportunities, and practical strategies to navigate and capitalize on Egypt’s dynamic market. Don’t miss this chance to equip your business with the knowledge to make informed investment decisions and leverage Egypt’s promising economic reforms.

Host: AECCI Team

Speaker: Team of Sadany & Khalifa Law firm 


  • Sadany & Khalifa Law Firm is one of the top international law firms in Egypt
  • Our partnership dedicated to assisting traders in resolving challenges and disputes pertaining our Region
  • AECCI proudly collaborates with Sadany & Khalifa Law Firm in Egypt to offer invaluable assistance to traders in the face of challenges and disputes.

Our Collaboration shall empower and Support exporters and importers in the trade industry to facilitate their Trade Business.

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