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AECCI Wings: Your Trusted Team of Certified Experts, Catering to Your Diverse Needs Worldwide and Locally

At AECCI, we understand that the journey of international trade and business can be complex, and navigating through various stages requires specialized support. That’s why we’ve curated a team of dedicated professionals across different domains, each representing a specific wing within AECCI. Our main motto is to be a steadfast support for exporters and importers at every stage of their journey. As a recognized chamber of commerce, our role extends beyond certifying documents; we aim to enlighten our members about various aspects of international trade. This, in turn, contributes to the growth of our economy.

Our Experts

With a team of seasoned Affiliated Professional Experts, AECCI ensures that members receive tailored guidance in various aspects of their businesses. Whether it’s legal affairs, international trade complexities, or HR management, our advocates are here to assist.

Our Six Dedicated Wings

The Export Wing serves as your guide in navigating the intricacies of international trade, ensuring a seamless journey from inception to execution.

In the Legal Wing, expert counsel is provided to navigate complexities, offering assistance in dispute resolutions for a secure business environment.

Our HR Support Wing offers comprehensive human resource solutions, covering aspects from company incorporation to day-to-day business operations.

Receive strategic guidance on investment plans, economic policies, and research and development with the Business Advice Wing, aiding informed decision-making.

The Professional Wing comprises a team of industry experts ready to address your specific queries and challenges across diverse sectors.

For women in business, the Women’s Wing is dedicated to empowerment, fostering diversity, and providing specialized support for unique needs.

Industries We Serve

agriculture (3)
_Commodities Trading (3)
Commodities Trading
_Gas (2)
Media & Entertainment (4)
Media & Entertainment
Real Estate (3)
Real Estate
_Automotive & Heavy Industry (4)
Automotive & Heavy Industry
Energy & Power (3)
Energy & Power
High-tech Products (3)
High-tech Products
Telecommunications (4)
Telecommun -ications
Agri-Tech (4)
_Construction & Engineering (5)
Construction & Engineering
Mining & Metals (3)
Mining & Metals
Pharmaceutical & Biotech (3)
Pharmaceutical & Biotech
_Transportation (3)
_Machineries (1)
_ Fashion & Luxury Goods (1)
Fashion & Luxury Goods
_Infrastructure (2)
_Oil & Petroleum (1)
Oil & Petroleum
_Shipbuilding (1)
_Logistics & Shipping (2)
Logistics & Shipping

How We Assist ?

At AECCI, we go beyond conventional support. Our experts and professionals are here to guide you through any query or challenge you may face. Whether you’re based in any state in India or have an international inquiry, AECCI is your go-to source for comprehensive support.

From inception to expansion, we are committed to being your steadfast partner.

Join AECCI - Where Expertise Meets Excellence.

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