Our Services

Chamber’s services are designed to help the business community were through our various initiatives and by the associated expert professional counseling, entrepreneurial and documentation services are given to members.

The Wings

AECCI wings are the separate divisions headed by the expert professionals to guide and motivate the business community with their day to day issues.

Enterpreneur Hub

To encourage entrepreneurship, to kick-start innovative businesses that will eventually create employment opportunities, the government of India offers innumerable schemes to make the process easy.

B2B Connect

Access to a continuously evolving extensive network of business opportunities and gain a deep understanding of the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.


Membership with AECCI allows you to enjoy exclusive and wide range of support and benefits for getting ahead in business. We’re here to help you with everything from raising awareness of your brand, creating new business opportunities and building your network and making you successfully reach to international markets.

AECCI Arbitration Center

AECCI has been protecting members from costly and long proceedings taken by commercial disputes, since 2015. AECCI works as an alternative dispute resolution centre that simulates the best international practices within the framework of privacy and confidentiality.