Women Wing

Women Wing is geared up to empower women to succeed. Successful women in our wing encourage other women members to become economically empowered and contribute to the development of nation.

Women Wing is dedicated to facilitating the advancement of women by fostering meaningful business relationships among members, delivering unique educational programs, and hosting creative member events.

Nowadays women are leading in business, private and government sectors and we are trying to celebrate their accomplishments, expand and strengthen their networks so to help them grow further and faster. AECCI’s Women Wing is geared up to empower women to succeed. We purposely invite the successful and inspirational women from our society so to encourage other women to increase their economic self-sufficiency by using education and skills.
The overall goal is to break the chain of poverty and provide the necessary support and education the women to become economically empowered, seek leadership positions in the workforce and contribute in the development of our nation.
AECCI’s Women Wing is headed by the Executive Director Ms. Tehrim Mulla.
Confident, self motivated and willing women are welcome to join us.

For more information and please contact :

Email: [email protected]   
Board lines : +91-22-412 711 45 | 46ed