Webinar | 05th June’ 2024

Webinar Series: 8 – Investement in Egypt

Join Us for a Comprehensive round table discussion on the Egyptian Investment Law in the Time of change.
Join us for a pivotal webinar on 5th June 2024, as Sadany and Khalifa Law Firm in collaboration with AECCI, delve into the transformative Egyptian Investment Law amidst current economic shifts. This event offers a unique opportunity for businesses to gain critical insights into legislative changes, strategic investment incentives, and the evolving economic landscape of Egypt. Learn from experts about new policies, foreign investment opportunities, and practical strategies to navigate and capitalize on Egypt’s dynamic market. Don’t miss this chance to equip your business with the knowledge to make informed investment decisions and leverage Egypt’s promising economic reforms.

Join us for a comprehensive round table discussion on “The Egyptian Investment Law in the Times of Change,” covering crucial topics such as:

  1. Economic and Legislative Updates: Current challenges and new legislative initiatives to enhance investor relations. / Egypt’s recent adoption of a flexible exchange rate policy and its impact. / Economic crisis recovery measures, including significant foreign investments and deals.

  2. IMF Program Insights: Details on Egypt’s four-year loan program with the IMF and related economic reforms. Improvements in the banking sector’s foreign-currency liquidity.

  3. Types of Business Entities in Egypt: Overview of legal entities for business establishment: Joint stock companies, LLCs, representative offices, foreign branches, and sole proprietorships.

  4. Investment Incentives and Amendments: Benefits under the Egyptian Investment Law No. 72 of 2017 and recent amendments. & Tax incentives and opportunities in the New Administrative Capital and Ras Al-Hikma area.

  5. Supreme Council for Investment: Establishment and role of the new Supreme Council for Investment.

  6. Relocation of Russian Businesses: Requirements for achieving the “Made in Egypt” mark amidst relocation efforts.

  7. Migration Law Updates: New regulations on residency application fees for foreigners.

  8. Import Companies Regulation: Facilitated registration for foreign-owned importation companies in Egypt.

  9. Golden License Requirements: Criteria for companies to obtain the Golden License for strategic or national projects.

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