Webinar | 16th March’ 2024


Join us for a transformative learning experience that promises to elevate your understanding of IPR and its impact on Global Commerce.

Empowering Exporters: Navigating Consumer Rights Amidst Insolvency in Global Trade (Webinar Series: 06)

In the ever-evolving landscape of global commerce, it becomes imperative for exporters to grasp the intricacies of consumer rights, particularly in scenarios involving insolvency. This webinar is conducted in partnership with AECCI Affiliated Professional Experts, who will comprehensively address all queries related to this subject. The purpose of this webinar is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the rights consumers hold in the context of insolvency within international trade transactions. Join us for this informative session.

Host: AECCI Executive Director- Ms. Tehrim Mulla

Affiliate professional- Advocate Anu Shrivasatava

With over three decades of legal expertise spanning the Supreme Court, High Courts, and various tribunals, our speaker is a seasoned professional adept in diverse legal domains, including arbitration, insolvency, consumer matters, property law, contracts, and more. Notable for their trial and appellate advocacy, our expert has secured relief in complex matters before the Supreme Court, showcasing a client-centric approach that has earned recognition for resolving intricate legal issues. We have the privilege of tapping into this wealth of experience as our speaker will share insights on consumer rights under insolvency in the realm of international trade.

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