Legal Wing

Legal wing provides assistance on legal issues concerning commercial & business affairs and help the clients in resolving international trade disputes.

Do you want to be up-do-date on daily business regulations and policies?

Can’t make head or tail of what you need to agree upon with your business in terms of legal requirements?

Legal Advice included  with our Chamber Membership
  • The Legal Advice Support is confidential, free and unlimited*.

  • All Chamber members have access to 24/7* legal support as part of their membership.

  • This service helps you to avoid costly mistakes and better understand their legal standing before taking any action.

AECCIs “Legal Advisory Wing ” advises the chamber member on matters of law that may arise in the course of normal export business operations. Legal advisors will handle all matters pertaining to the company’s legal framework and regulations, the violation of which might have dire consequences. We also advise and help clients in inbound and outbound investment, foreign collaborations and setting up businesses in India and abroad. The endeavor is to provide professional services in all the corporate and commercial fields in the most efficient manner.


“Expanding borders, expanding opportunities. Join us as our goal is to take legal support expertise global and help businesses navigate the complexities of an interconnected world.”

What Legal Solution does AECCI Provide?
  • Arbitration/Meditation 

  • Trade Legal disputes

  • Contract disputes

  • Commercial law

  • Company law

  • Director’s disputes

  • Data protection

  • Insolvency

  • Landlord or tenant issues

Having a strong legal department is crucial for every business and that’s why we help you maintain compliance with the law and defends the company’s interests.

“Act fast, secure your rights with our expert legal support now!”

For more information please contact :

Legal Wing’s Division :
Board lines : +91-22-412 711 45 | 46
*(Consultation available with prior appointment)