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Abdullabhai Abdul Kadar


Membership No-MEM16-17/026

Valid Upto         – 31/ 03/2024

Raise Your Dispute/ Binding Dispute

A party that has not entered into any contract or agreement and has chosen not to invoke the model clause of AECCI-IAC may opt for the non-binding dispute resolution process.

Case ID 


Name of Claimant

Name of Respondent









Agreement Contract



Amount of Claim


Period of Dispute

Start DateThe start date corresponds to the inception or commencement of the dispute or conflict

Dispute OngoingIf the dispute remains unresolved and is still running, while the parties approach AECCI-IAC to file their case, kindly indicate the status by checking the designated box that signifies "Dispute Ongoing.



End DateThe end date signifies the date when one or both parties cease correspondence and acknowledge their inability to amicably resolve the matter.


Describe the Grounds of claim made 




▢ I hereby affirm that all the information provided herein is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and i shall adhere to all the regulations of Asian Exporters Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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