TAC Process

Each individual who enroll with AECCI – TAC course will undergo a rigorous training programme that will equip them with the information and expertise necessary to succeed in the profession

Our objective behind introducing this program is to promote the entrepreneurship among the youngsters and to support them for any Trade related concern which gives them the confidence to be successful entrepreneur or working professional.

  • Guide: AECCI – Trade Assistance Centre will instruct and give guidance to exporters in developing their trade capacity so that they may develop new or improve existing products while seeking to export, gain access to new markets, and strengthen their organisation so that they engage effectively in trade
  • Coordinates: Our expertise will help them meet their exporting goals while navigating specific hurdles they face
  • Qualify: Our training programs is designed for career pursuing student as well as for business officials to achieve their goals. We have conformity assessment criteria that institutes interested in getting affiliated with us are required to undergo. When we reconvened about specified standards & quality, we allow institute to use our brand, logo and approve them under AECCI CERTIFIED COURSES which acts as an AECCI
  • Support: Our Gold-Key services will support at every step from planning in expansion and procedures, policy and documentation to advocacy and dispute resolution
  • Research/Study: We educate individual on research on data collection and analysis, problem solving and critical thinking. Our course also include information related to industry trends, technologies, process and regulations
Exporters who are focused on running their business rightly, it is important to have trade experts on board and through AECCI – Trade Assistance Center understands and are well versed with the changes in the economy, and are expertise in:
  •  Export Import Training Program
  • Export Compliances and Documentation
  • B2B Connect
  • Legal Advice
  • International Payment Dispute
  • HR solutions and many more
It will prove to be beneficial for small scale businesses where they meet the below criteria’s:
  •  Are you new to exports?
  • Want to learn more about exports?
  • Want your team to be expert?
  • As an export manager want to be highly efficient and effective?


For more information please contact:

AECCI – TACs Division:
Email [email protected]
Board lines : +91-22-412 711 45 | 46