Discover our strategic alliances with leading companies and exhibitions, driving growth and innovation in international trade. At AECCI, we believe in fostering synergies and creating opportunities for growth in the world of trade & Commerce.

AECCI: Fostering Growth through Strategic Collaborations and
Global Exhibitions

AECCI collaborates with esteemed law firms and companies, fostering mutual growth. Join us as we actively engage in international exhibitions and partner with International Law firms, creating global opportunities for businesses. Our commitment is to empower Exporters, enabling them to harness the full potential of these platforms. Explore the benefits of partnering with AECCI for success in the world of commerce. Together, we pave the way for progress and prosperity.

Victory Attorneys & Consultants
( Tanzania )

 AECCI partners with Victory Attorneys & Consultants for strategic legal support.
♦Victory Attorneys is a leading Tanzanian law firm, specializing in sectors like Oil & Gas and Technology.
♦The partnership focuses on empowering Indian and Tanzanian traders, aiding in dispute resolution.
♦AECCI and Victory Attorneys organize events to enhance the business environment for member

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