Discover our strategic alliances with leading companies and exhibitions, driving growth and innovation in international trade. At AECCI, we believe in fostering synergies and creating opportunities for growth in the world of trade & Commerce.

AECCI: Fostering Growth through Strategic Collaborations and
Global Exhibitions

AECCI collaborates with esteemed law firms and companies, fostering mutual growth. Join us as we actively engage in international exhibitions and partner with International Law firms, creating global opportunities for businesses. Our commitment is to empower Exporters, enabling them to harness the full potential of these platforms. Explore the benefits of partnering with AECCI for success in the world of commerce. Together, we pave the way for progress and prosperity.

Dablo Law Firm ( Ethiopia )

AECCI Partners with DABLO Law Firm in Ethiopia
We are excited to announce a new collaborative partnership between AECCI and Dablo Law Firm LLP, a distinguished legal firm in Ethiopia. Dablo Law Firm LLP is a proud member of the Alliott Global Alliance, led by their Principal Managing Partner, Mr. Dawit Kidane.

We have initiated a collaborative initiative focused on broadening our business outreach and offering support to exporters and importers through our legal services. This partnership marks a notable stride in bolstering their market visibility and providing top-tier legal services in fields such as corporate and commercial law, international trade and investment, and alternative dispute resolution.

Tewodros Getachew Tulu &
Associates Law Office ( Ethiopia )

AECCI Partners with Tewodros Getachew Tulu & Associates Law Office in Ethiopia
We are thrilled to unveil a powerful alliance between AECCI and Tewodros Getachew Tulu & Associates Law Office (TGA), headed by the dynamic Managing Partner Mr. Tewodros Getachew Tulu. We have embarked on a synergistic venture designed to broaden our business outreach and deliver expert legal support to exporters and importers. Through this strategic collaboration, we aim to harness our combined expertise to elevate our service offerings and deliver comprehensive, high-caliber legal solutions tailored to the needs of traders.
This partnership marks a pivotal advancement in strengthening market presence and offering superior legal services in the realms of business and international law, encompassing corporate law, real estate, criminal law, employment law, commercial law, family law, trade and investment, IP agents, arbitration and other business matters.

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