Business Advice Wing

Business Advice wing is specialized in understanding the needs and importance of delivering the strategic business advice for every business.

AECCI understands that getting the right information is vital to the success of any business; therefore we are here to provide the right information at the right time for your businesses. We probably have the answer for all your queries and otherwise we have the access to all the correct sources to acquire the same.

Business Advice wing was established considering the need and importance of strategic business advice. The wing is headed by the Honourable Chairman of AECCI, Mr. Jaheer Bukhari. With his vast experience of 22 years in export-consultation, he is guiding the members through Individual counseling sessions.

The wing provides advisory services for all your business related issues that can help you to save significant amount on legal fees and the valuable time seeking advice from other sources.

For more information and please contact :
Exports Advice Wing’s Division :
(Advice covering worldwide exports Pro’s and Con’s and any product/service )*
Email [email protected]
Board lines : +91-22-412 711 45 | 46 | 47
*(Consultation available with prior appointment, consultation fee applicable)