Membership Benefits

Membership with AECCI opens the doors to a new set of possibilities and opportunities for your business. Opportunities to showcase your product, networking with potential business partners and referral program are the very basics of benefits given


AECCI creates an environment for the members to build mutually beneficial and lasting business relationships through various events.

Any individual or organization including any corporation, proprietorship, partnership, educational institutes, trust- directly engaged in trade, commerce or economic welfare of the community can be our associate member. The Chamber provides networking, educational, marketing, community involvement and partnership opportunities to members. These are just some of the benefits of being a Chamber member.  Services are either free, exclusive to members or offered at a significant discount.

  • Company Listing on Chamber’s website.
  • Assistance to establish new business
  • Quarterly Newsletter & Annual Magazine.
  • Marketing Opportunities on discounted rates.
  • VISA Recommendation
  • Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential).
  • Networking Opportunities with other Associate Members.
  • Volunteer/Sponsorship Opportunities.
  • Business referral service provided by the Chamber.
  • Networking opportunities that help you to develop the partnership with others in your business community.
  • Certificate of Membership.


Any established business, which is enjoying a good reputation in the corporate world and is sharing good relations with the policymakers and which can work as a backbone to the chamber by extending support in terms of finance and other supporting means can be our Ordinary member.

In addition to all other benefits that an associate member is enjoying, you being our ordinary member have so many other special benefits also to enjoy. As an ordinary member or sponsor, you can promote your company to our network. You can have the opportunity to present your company to our members as guests at our events. Also, you can participate in various promotional activities and advertisements at discounted rates.

  • Your business is entitled to a link and a short profile in a special section on the AECCI website which attracts more than 10000 unique visitors a month, therefore we expose your business to a potential new audience.
  • Advance notice of conferences, seminars other events, presented by specialized speakers and decision-makers, dealing with issues relating to financial, economic, legal and political developments at the national and international level.
  • News-Release on the AECCI webportal announcing your ordinary membership and sponsorship with AECCI.
  • Opportunity to nominate yourself for AECCI’s Annual Business Excellence Awards.
  • Quarterly newsletters that contain information pertinent to all business sectors.
  • Annual Magazine focusing on trade and economy issues of Asian Countries.
  • Display your signage or banner at AECCI events on Premium POSITION*.
  • Access to Trade Inquiries received by AECCI from international importers, so to help in the expansion of your business.
  • Chamber access** during working hours.
  • Ticket priority for yearly 3 events and attendance priority for Special Events (i.e. visiting delegation meetings, Consular briefings).
  • Assistance for organizing and participating in Trade Fairs and Delegations.