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In order to comprehensively address all aspects of agriculture, the Bombay Chamber has expanded the scope of its previously existing “Agribusiness Committee,” which was active until September 2011. The newly restructured committee has been renamed as the “Agriculture and Food Processing Committee.” This updated committee will focus on addressing various concerns and interests within the agriculture sector, including Food Security and PDS, Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Pisciculture, Floriculture, Food Processing, Rural Development, Agriculture Markets, Supply Chain Logistics, and Finance.

The committee will be organized into five distinct verticals:
(a) Agriculture (covering Horticulture, Pulses, Grains, and Floriculture)
(b) Food Processing (encompassing value addition and exports)
(c) Animal Husbandry (including Dairy and Fisheries)
(d) Agriculture Markets and Logistics (with a focus on Food Security and the Public Distribution system)
(e) Rural Development (offering Advisory Services and Farm Finance)

Both the committee as a whole and its individual verticals will actively involve the corporate sector as a significant component and stakeholder. Additionally, the committee will address issues related to farmers at the grassroots level, ensuring that they benefit from various agricultural schemes and practices.


Address issues for Inclusive growth of the agriculture in Asia.


Over the next two years, the Committee has set the following objectives:

  • To pinpoint the fundamental issues facing both the Agribusiness industry and grassroots-level farmers.
  • To exert influence on the Union Government’s policies within the Agriculture and Food Processing sector, aiming to enhance global competitiveness through well-researched and strategic papers.
  • To strategize initiatives that facilitate the integration of front-end and back-end operations, the consolidation of agricultural retail chains, and the enhancement of value through processing.
  • To actively promote public-private partnership (PPP) initiatives that can boost agricultural productivity and improve the financial returns for small and marginal farmers.
  • To prepare representations on critical matters stemming from industry discussions and address the concerns of our member constituents.