Corporate Membership

“Unlock the power of partnership and elevate your business to new heights with our comprehensive corporate membership program, designed to fuel your success and drive growth through strategic connections, exclusive resources, and unparalleled support.

Who Needs It?

AECCI creates an environment for the members to build mutually beneficial and lasting business relationships through various events and thus AECCI’s Corporate Membership can be acquired by any share listed Companies with more than 15 employees or multiple offices worldwide. They receive a wide range of benefits providing organizations a platform for networking and brand exposure; information and insight; and representation and advocacy. 

Why be a Corporate Member of AECCI?

As a coorporate memebr of AECCI you are entitiled of these benefits:

Certificate of Membership.
Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential).
Company Listing on Chamber’s digital Membership Directory.
Assistance to establish new business
Exposure of Business to Potential Audience – Your business is entitled to a link and a short profile in a special section on the AECCI website which attracts more than 10000 unique visitors a month; therefore we expose your business to a potential new audience.
Members’ rates for all Chamber events
Use of Chamber Logo.
Handling International Payment Disputes of our members.
AECCI also provide Asian business community with consultation and services to establish new ventures and to deal with day to day issues in New/ existing business, their expansion and diversification plans.
Regular updates for the important circular/notifications from GOI.
Focus on HR Solutions for members who help them to grow their business and manage Human Resource and labor law needs.
opportunity to submit an article to be published in the Chamber magazine
opportunity to submit topics and speakers for Chamber events
Preferential advertising rates on the website, Daily Viewpoint, Newsletter, Annual Magazines and direct marketing tools

Advance notice of conferences, seminars other events, presented by specialized speakers and decision-makers, dealing with issues relating to financial, economic, legal and political developments at the national and international level.
News-Release on the AECCI web-portal announcing your corporate membership or sponsorship with AECCI.
Opportunity to nominate yourself for AECCI’s Annual Business Excellence Awards.
Display your signage or banner at AECCI events on Premium POSITION*.
Chamber access** during working hours.
Assistance for organizing and participating in Trade Fairs and Delegations.
Quarterly Newsletter & Annual Magazine.
VISA Recommendation
Volunteer/Sponsorship Opportunities.
Business referral service provided by the Chamber.
Networking opportunities with other Members that help you develop partnerships with others in your business community.
The Chamber magazine announces all new joining members alongside other joining companies

Find out more about us and if you have any questions please contact: to Ms. Tehrim Mulla (Executive Director-AECCI) at +91-8433720996/ +91-22-41271145/46/47