Free Session with AECCI- Legal Wing..!! 

 AECCI- Legal Wing will host an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session for its Esteemed Members and Traders from PAN India to learn more about the Importance of Enforcing Contracts in International Trade and how businesses can get back their time and increase productivity with a virtual assistant.

Lately, due to economic development, it has boosted International Trade. More foreign traders are approaching Indian Traders for the expansion of their business and vice versa. This bilateral trade comes with its own set of issues and further requires the need and importance of Contracts and Agreements.

At times, it so happens that the traders deal, and negotiate with each other in good faith without entering into any contract /agreement. The importance of contract and agreement arises when there is a dispute between traders and there is no agreement in place to help them in resolving the dispute.

Through this AMA session, we want to create awareness among our traders regarding the importance of contracts which will help them avoid any future conflict, or in case of conflict they can be very well protected and secured through contract/agreement. 

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Event Details

Friday-9th June 2023

3.00 PM (IST)


Who should Attend?

  • Anyone responsible for Export & Import Operations.
  • Trade Compliance Specialist
  • International Logistics Personnel
  • Trade Management

The Asian Exporters Chamber of Commerce (AECCI) is excited to host an engaging Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. This session is open to both Members and Non-Members, as well as other professionals affiliated with the Chamber. The focus of the AMA will be to provide valuable insights into our dynamic Legal Wing services, sharing our mission, and showcasing how businesses can reclaim their time and boost productivity through our anytime virtual assistant. We encourage participants to join us and take advantage of this opportunity to learn and interact with our experts.