Sponsoring our iconic events offers you exposure to the Asian business community and helps you broaden your reach through our various marketing channels. Interested in being a sponsor or partner? Read on below.

AECCI is committed to implement several initiatives supporting trade in Asian Business Community. Continuing our efforts to boost the trade among Asian countries we keep organizing promotional events and to organize these events we invite the support from the businesses that prove to be an equally valuable opportunity for them also as these events become the key drivers to attract the business partners and maximize one’s visibility. By sponsoring our iconic events you can broaden your reach through our various marketing channels.

There is a variety of ways to get involved with our popular events – either as a sponsor, partner, host, presenter, or highlighted organization.

As an AECCI sponsor, you will automatically draw attention and gain publicity. AECCI’s highly publicised and advertised events give you the brand recognition that is needed to compete in today’s competitive environment. Through the AECCI program, your organization will reach local and Asian business partners, and will make an identity with the businesses and community leaders who recognize companies that support sound economic development initiatives and help to create a healthy business climate.
Your recognition as a Chamber sponsor will ensure you make those important connections necessary for the future growth and success of your business within the Asian business community.

Please join us in this endeavour to create opportunities for business growth.

Sponsoring a Chamber’s event or program, your company will be benefitted
As chamber events and programs are highly publicized and, so are our sponsors! Your company’s brand name and sponsorship recognition are included in AECCI Publications, Chamber’s News/Notification, and website: www.aecci.org.in and in all collateral materials.
For more information about sponsorship opportunities with Asian Exporters’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry, contact Mr.Amir Hussain- Secretary at +91 84337 20996, 022 41271145/ 46 or e-mail: info@aecci.org.in.

Thank You Dear Supporters and Partners! We appreciate your generous support of the Chamber.