AECCI: proves its dynamism by being the only chamber having more than 25 collaborations at a moment. In other words, we are present in 25 countries to go hand-in hand with you and we’ll ensure that you experience the smooth business.

AECCI B2B: connect: bringing an opportunity for you all to connect with our 25+ Collaborative foreign partners, who all are expert and efficient enough to understand and address your business needs. Hence, here is the big event “AECCI B2B Connect 2024” coming your way in October 2024.

AECCI B2B Connect 2024:  A round table conference wherein you can come-up with your queries, concerns and our collaborative foreign partners will address all your business matters ranging from consultation, market study and business matches to resolving your trade issues or facilitating the investment opportunities existing around the globe.

So, get ready to enjoy the foreign expert support at the comfort of your business as we make them meet you acrossthe table.

Our B2B Initiatives

We will ensure to walk hand-in-hand with you until your business objective is fulfilled. Our B2B partners with their expertise of being established practitioners and professionals in their country will serve you for any small or big business hurdle. They are capable of

  • Arranging the Meeting with clients.
  • Arranging the Meeting with diplomats or government authorities.
  • Arranging for your initial registration process.
  • Guiding you of the right investment opportunities.
  • Making you familiar with the local beliefs and practices.
  • Guiding you of the safe business terms with overseas companies.
  • Customer/supplier credibility Check “for & by” either side.
  • Handling in case of any trade dispute arises.

How we can help?

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