AECCI: proves its dynamism by being the only chamber having more than 25 collaborations at a moment. In other words, we are present in 25 countries to go hand-in hand with you and we’ll ensure that you experience the smooth business.

AECCI B2B: connect: bringing an opportunity for you all to connect with our 25+ Collaborative foreign partners, who all are expert and efficient enough to understand and address your business needs. Hence, here is the big event “AECCI B2B Connect 2024” coming your way in October 2024.

AECCI B2B Connect 2024:  A round table conference wherein you can come-up with your queries, concerns and our collaborative foreign partners will address all your business matters ranging from consultation, market study and business matches to resolving your trade issues or facilitating the investment opportunities existing around the globe.

So, get ready to enjoy the foreign expert support at the comfort of your business as we make them meet you acrossthe table.

What We Serve

AECCI B2B Connect: is a distinct platform that enables Indian exporters, industrialists, organizations, and entrepreneurs to access new markets, form business partnerships, and connect with potential investors and all that while you are sitting in your second home i.e. AECCI.

Here is the big event on cards, ‘AECCI B2B Connect 2024’ wherein our collaborative expert partners from various destinations coming handy with answers to all your business needs. Event will provide with the ample opportunity of consultation, business matches and market studies.

Sparing you from spending hugely on foreign business tours, the event will bring our collaborative expert partners from 25 countries under one roof here in India. AECCI B2B Connect 2024’ is a round table conference being organized this October wherein you will have a direct access to our collaborative partners expertise. We insist you to select your preferred countries according to your need and we ensure that you’ll get all your concerns addressed.

Collaborations under AECCI’s B2B Connect with expert individuals and firms makes it all smooth for you to plan and execute your expansion plan.

How we can help?

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