International Collaborations

Discover our strategic alliances with leading companies and exhibitions, driving growth and innovation in international trade. At AECCI, we believe in fostering synergies and creating opportunities for growth in the world of trade & Commerce.

April 2-4, 2024

♦ Explore the International Commercial Real Estate and Retail Exhibition.

♦AECCI members can attend this exclusive event through ourcollaboration.
♦Gain insights, practical cases, and network with top industry experts
♦Showcase your projects and technologies to your target audience.
♦Promote your brand and company in the Russian market.

 📌Moscow, Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1, Russia


♦ BNG Legal: Leading Cambodian law firm, known for innovative legal services.

♦AECCI and BNG Legal collaborate to assist traders and businesses in India and Cambodia.
♦Partnership focuses on joint trade initiatives to benefit members in both countries.
♦Our partnership aims to provide empowerment and support to trade industry exporters and importers, facilitating their business activities.




♦ AECCI and New Market collaborate to empower traders and businesses in India and Mexico.

♦ They offer valuable support for trade-related challenges and disputes, benefiting exporters and importers.

♦ Join us for an enriching experience – don’t miss out!

♦The partnership specializes in sectors like Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals in Mexico.



♦ Sadany & Khalifa Law Firm is one of the top international law firms in Egypt

♦Our partnership dedicated to assisting traders in resolving challenges and disputes pertaining our Region
♦AECCI proudly collaborates with Sadany & Khalifa Law Firm in Egypt to offer invaluable assistance to traders in the face of challenges and disputes.
♦Our Collaboration shall empower and Support exporters and importers in the trade industry to facilitate their Trade Business



♦Traders’ Support: A partnership for legal assistance to traders in Brazil and India.
♦Empowering Trade: AECCI and Abdo Advogados collaborate to empower exporters and importers. 
♦ Abdo Advogados: A top international law firm in Brazil.
♦Legal Support: They offer expert guidance on legal matters in their respective countries.

♦This int. collaboration supports trade industry exporters and importers.




♦ M R LEGAL INN: A top international law firm in Pakistan.

♦Empowering Traders in Pakistan and India through the AECCI partnership.
♦Providing valuable assistance for trade challenges.
♦Empowering exporters and importers in the trade industry

♦We are  pledge to provide international trade guidance, address common trade issues, and share regulatory updates with their members.


Fabritius Tengnagel
& Heine

♦Renowned Partner: AECCI collaborates with Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine, a premier Danish law firm
♦Dedicated Trade Support: Joint commitment to provide tailored solutions for businesses in trade, resolving disputes effectively.
♦ Empowering Trade: Partnership focuses on supporting exporters and importers, fostering smoother trade operations.
♦Legal Expertise: Leveraging Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine’s expertise for robust legal support in respective countries.

♦This int. collaboration supports trade industry exporters and importers.



Victory Attorneys & Consultants

♦AECCI partners with Victory Attorneys & Consultants for strategic legal support.

♦Victory Attorneys is a leading Tanzanian law firm, specializing in sectors like Oil & Gas and Technology.
♦The partnership focuses on empowering Indian and Tanzanian traders, aiding in dispute resolution.
♦AECCI and Victory Attorneys organize events to enhance the business environment for member

♦This Collaboration includes providing professional interpreters for seamless communication in trade activities.


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