At AECCI, our mission is to empower businesses and foster global trade with integrity and excellence.

For over a decade, the Asian Exporters’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AECCI) has been a steadfast partner for exporters, consistently striving to create opportunities for ventures to flourish globally. Our initiatives have been instrumental in supporting members, with collaboration agreements signed with over 25 Asian countries to bolster regional trade. 

Building on the foundation of essential services such as shipping document attestation, AECCI is now poised to provide comprehensive support for Indian businesses on a global scale. Our offerings include investment facilitation, trade opportunities, networking events, connections with international buyers, technological support including AI, and consultations with global partners.

We are proud to introduce our exclusive Patron Membership, available in three tiers:
Silver, Bronze, and Gold. This elite membership is designed to offer unparalleled benefits and strategic insights, ensuring our members are equipped to achieve exceptional growth and success on the world stage.

What is Patron Membership?

Patron Membership is an elite tier within AECCI designed for companies seeking extensive support, enhanced visibility, and exclusive opportunities in global trade. This membership provides unparalleled benefits such as priority access to AECCI events, strategic insights, and bespoke services aimed at fostering significant business growth and international expansion

How we can help?

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