AECCI: proves its dynamism by being the only chamber having more than 25 collaborations at a moment. In other words, we are present in 25 countries to go hand-in hand with you and we’ll ensure that you experience the smooth business.

AECCI B2B: connect: bringing an opportunity for you all to connect with our 25+ Collaborative foreign partners, who all are expert and efficient enough to understand and address your business needs. Hence, here is the big event “AECCI B2B Connect 2024” coming your way in October 2024.

AECCI B2B Connect 2024:  A round table conference wherein you can come-up with your queries, concerns and our collaborative foreign partners will address all your business matters ranging from consultation, market study and business matches to resolving your trade issues or facilitating the investment opportunities existing around the globe.

So, get ready to enjoy the foreign expert support at the comfort of your business as we make them meet you acrossthe table.

B2B Delegations​

Scope of ‘AECCI B2B Connect 2024’

Dear Patron, ‘AECCI B2B Connect 2024’ event is being organized for you all, hence we find this important to let you have an idea of the stages of event planning and execution. Here is the month-wise series.

August: is the time to seek your interest. Here is a request form attached, just click on “Show your interest” and let us know your preferences.  Fill the form carefully and make sure that you register for “AECCI B2B Connect 2024’ before the last date of registration i.e. 31.08.2024.

September: Whole this month will go in coordinating with the delegates. Their visit plans, VISA-facilitations, travel and stay arrangements will all be in the schedule for the month. And, we insist you utilizing the September in preparing the issues that you want to take-up during the AECCI B2B Connect 2024’

October: is the month of the big event i.e. AECCI B2B Connect 2024’, this month you will sit across the table with our collaborative expert partners from your preferred countries and will have the satisfying solutions for your business need. Do not mind asking them anything as every possible business question would be welcomed. Your questions may be regarding the procedure entering their market, any kind of registrations needed and the process thereof, your business partner requirements, market studies, trade disputes or any other relevant question.

Stay tuned with us as ae keep updating you with the event-progress.

Ms. Swarn Lata
( Executive Director )

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